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The commitment to its employees and the local community are priorities of the company.
Therefore, we make the work environment safer and more motivated to coexist, regardless of race, religion or social class.

Licenses and Certifications


Santosflora has all municipal, state and federal licenses and registrations, as well as IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment) governmental authorizations for reforestation ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) and international certificates such as FD A (Food and Drug Administration), Kosher Certificate and other health permits.

Development of new products


Product development, Formulations, Supplements, Teas, Diet shakes and products customized for your business. Laboratory analysis service. We have a specialized team to better meet your Herbal Nutrition® needs.

Sustainability | Traceability


Offering the best products without harming the environment is one of Santosflora’s main commitments. The complete trajectory, from the extraction of natural resources to the moment of delivery to the customer, is followed by Santosflora’s team. In this way, we present another differential for our customers and attend the whole traceability process.

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