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Herbal Distributor, Importer and Exporter

Santosflora, fundada em 1979, atua como líder em seu segmento fornecendo ervas medicinais e aromáticas nacionais e importadas, especiarias e extratos secos. Com capacidade para atender diferentes ramos de atividade, oferece seus produtos a segmentos como:
  • Laboratórios (farmacêuticos, farmoquímicos, de essências e aromas);
  • Indústrias (alimentos, bebidas, cosméticos e chás);
  • Farmácias (dispensação, homeopáticas e manipulação).

Specialized Team

To meet all expectations of its customers, Santosflora has teams of highly qualified professionals. Consisting of technicians, graduates and masters from different areas of the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, they all undergo constant training and have their knowledge periodically recycled.

Quality and tradition

For Santosflora, ethics is the facilitating instrument for the good relationship between customers, the community and employees. To this end, it adopts the philosophy that ethics is the knowledge of the science of moral behavior, and that in the corporate world the experience between individuals and legal entities is based on the principle of coexistence. Our mission is:
  • Make quality products available;
  • Properly perform the work procedures, complying with the regulatory requirements pertinent to the organization;
  • Ensure the empowerment of employees, providing opportunities for their development and improvement;
For the future, it intends to be one of the largest companies in the world to serve, carrying in its baggage the know-how and tradition, it aims to be one of the best and largest companies in the market, serving large multinational companies. Be a model in worlds recognition for total quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrity •   Responsibility •   Respect for the Environment

Entrepreneurial Spirit •   Innovation •   Sustainable Growth

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